Saturday, August 14, 2010

Four leaf clover vs Friday the 13th

It was funny yesterday, I came home and found the entire troop hanging inside on a wonderful sunny day playing DS, Wii and the computer. After realizing that this was the itinerary for the entire day I turned off all electrical devices and ordered the boys outside. Of course I was hit with the "I have nothing to do!" whine from Trevor to which I responded, "Oh well, get some Vitamin D and figure something out.". He then tells me that he is going to search for a four leaf clover, I encourage this as I figure it will never happen but will keep him busy on a hunt for quite some time. Yep the best laid plans right, not more than two minutes later he comes up to me and asks, "is this a four leaf clover?", and guess what it was!!
I checked on-line to see the odds of acutally finding one and read that for every 10,000 3 leaf clovers you will find 1 4 leaf clover, I wonder how much further the odds go up if you are looking on Friday the 13th!!!
It was exciting but unfortunately a few minutes after the research of the odds I hear " I have nothing to do!", lol.

Planning the quick trip to Ontario on Monday so not a lot of scrapping/cardmaking going on, hopefully I get right back in the swing of it when we get back.


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