Friday, August 22, 2008

What a great day, I love it when things get done!

The day started off early with the floor guys coming in to replace the lino in the laundry and downstairs bathroom. After having the water leak destroy all the floors downstairs it seems to have taken forever to get the jobs done. Now all seems to be coming together, the laminate goes in on Monday and then all should be done.

I actually did some work on my auction listings. I may be crazy but I have listed a 20 page custom layout for just 0.99 cents. I want to see if I can get the bidding going.

I also did some work on my pre-made pages, I am working on a graduation page and put together this paper pieced penguin

Then it was off to my Moms for my sisters birthday dinner. The kids were wonderful and I think Tracy liked her gift.
Oh and I came across a line I loved today in a book I am reading, it goes something like this
When life throws you lemons, grab a coffee and danish and wait it out. Love it :)

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