Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A rainy blah day

Today started off with rain and it didn't stop, not the best summer day!
Trevor had swimming today in the morning and then it was time to get the house ready for more showings. One seemed interested, only time will tell.

I was able to get some scrapping done today for Trevors book, upload the pictures tomorrow.

We then took Trev out shopping for school clothes and his first backpack. Oh what a struggle that was, the choices, batman, spiderman, cars, kung fu panda, etc. He finally decided on the incredible hulk, it was a great choice I think.

When we returned we had a message from my mil letting us know that there was a deli meat recall, apparently causing a lot of illness and death. This was great to find out now considering we all ate deli meat for lunch and I just bought a bunch of it today. Oh well in the garbage it goes.
Here is the link about the recall:

Well that's it for today. Hoping for a sunnier day tomorrow.

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