Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter - a little early I know

I am expecting life to be a little crazy over the next few days so I would like to wish everyone an early Happy Easter!!

Tomorrow the kids are going to my sisters for a sleepover so Rory and I are taking advantage of the free night and heading for a night away in Seattle.

Once home on Friday it will be all out time to get ready for Easter dinner and of course the famous Bunny!!

My bil and his family (getting larger all the time with fiances and boyfriends) will be having Easter dinner with us on Saturday. I have never cooked for Rory's side of the family (meaning a holiday dinner) so even though I am a nutty planner I think I have gone a little overboard this time, oh well at least with the lists I know all will get down when necessary.

Sunday, the famous bunny arrives and the kids will be on a sugar high I'm sure. My Mom is having us over for Easter dinner that night so I believe we will be turkey'd out bigtime, not a bad thing, I looooooooooove turkey dinner.

Oh also forgot to mention that in between there Trevor has his first ball practice, the season kicks off this weekend, he is very excited! Brendan also starts this year in blast ball (not sure what blast ball is, Trevor never played that), he was so funny tonight, his coach called to set up the first practice and I couldn't get him to stop jumping up and down, he is so excited that he now has a coach like big brother Trevor!

I have been playing around with some paper piecings and stamping this week as well, here is my latest creation.

Again, have a great holiday and I hope the bunny treats you all well!



Foursons said...

Happy Easter, enjoy the time with your family!

Rachel said...

Hope you had a great Easter and a great time in Seattle! We'll be heading up there soon too! :)

Darling camo man!