Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wedding registries

So I am horrible at putting things off till the last minute and then running around like a mad woman to get all done. This is the story of last night!!

I need a gift for my niece's bridal shower for Saturday afternoon, so 6 p.m. on Friday night I am off, with absolutely no ideas in mind.

First stop Bowrings, beautiful items in this store but not really what I was looking for. Second stop, Homesense, again awesome items but when you know nothing regarding what the bride (couple) need (probably something I should have researched prior to heading out to the stores!) it can be hard to make a decision. I did however end up with the cutest Easter centerpiece and tablerunner for Easter dinner :)

Third stop, Pier 1, again nothing. I did almost pick up another Easter item until I realized I was wasting precious walk aimlessly through the stores time.

Next Home Outfitters, oh wait forgot Urban Barn (who knew there were so many home decor stores). I was getting a little upset with myself at this time, see I love to find the PERFECT gift, one that shows I put a lot of thought into the idea, however this time I really didn't so it was hard to find such a gift.

Finally decided to pick up a picture frame collage thingy and get a gift card, really mad at this time because I HATE giftcards, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, no not 8 tiny reindeer, the computerized gift registry and whoa there names were on it!!! Yippee, hooray, I now have an idea, actually I have 4 double sided printed pages worth of ideas. I finally narrow it down and I am off and running except now the problem is I can't find anything on the list. Find the sales girl and she advises this store doesn't carry the items on the list they are all at The Bay. Ok so I am now off to The Bay, to make a long story longer I can't find any items I want on this list there either, again ask for assistance and I am told they don't yet carry the items from the line I am looking at, I ask stupidly "how does something you DON'T carry end up on a registry?", well apparently my neice and her fiance registered at the large store in Vancouver and we out in the suburbs don't have many of these items.

So today I am not a huge fan of 1. Home decor stores and 2. Gift registries.

The gift???? Oh a super fancy, out of this world TOASTER OVEN!!!!!!

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Midwest Mommy said...

Oh I hate registry shopping. I feel like every gift comes with a set price tag, lol. Everyone knows what you spent!