Sunday, June 21, 2009

So we are only days away from summer, Trevor has already started the countdown for summer holidays. I think now that I am back to work and more day to day kid stuff is falling on Rory that he is also doing the countdown, his countdown though is for the day after Labour Day, lol.

Trevor only started Grade 1 this year and I honestly can't believe it is over already.

I am in the middle of reading a book right now that has me thinking about the precious time we have with our kids, in a flash they are grown up. I have really made a conscious effort these days to relax more as a parent, don't misunderstand, there is still discipline in the house but the little things that used to drive me nuts I am trying to see past. Like Brendan coming into our bed, drives me crazy, but the other day I was thinking in a few years I would probably love Brendan or Trevor to come snuggle into bed, so why complain about something I will be wishing I had back.

Not sure why I went in this direction today I guess the book I am reading is having quite the impact. It's called 'My Sisters Keeper', I believe it is coming out as a movie this summer with Cameron Diaz. The writing is magnificent! I cry easily at movies but honestly in all my book reading (and I read a lot), I have never been brought to tears while reading a book, not sure why but it's just the case. I have however had a couple moments while reading this book where I have had to push back the tears.

So today is Trevors last baseball game (t-ball)

and next he will be joining swimming, he has been bugging me about his next lessons since late winter. He just loves it. We are not sure though if we will put him back in ball, I know he loves to play but I don't know that its the game he loves or the socializing, at this level that's ok but going forward when the game starts getting more competitive I'm just not sure. I think 1 more year would be ok, he may just find a love for the game, Rory however is not convinced.

I have been finding more and more time to get some scrapping and cardmaking done. It has been nice. I have 3 orders in right now for custom layouts, and my mind is swirling with ideas so I think the best thing for me to do right now is to sit down and make a plan. What layouts (how many), what cards (how many, what size), what types of supplies do I need, what timelines will I need. It is definitely my goal to one day have custom scrapbooking and card/invitation design as my only source of income. You know what they say, life is short, so I figure I should be doing what I love. I can just see myself sitting at the table, surrounded by papers, pens, ink, stamps, embellishments, with both kids in school so I don't need to worry that one will put the others eye out with my scissors, this sounds like bliss!!! I know there are others out there that are this successful that they can do this full-time, I just need to figure out how they did it so I can do it too.

If you know the secrets, pass them on, lol


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