Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let summer begin!!!

So the end of the first full school year is now over for our family. Trevor will be going into the school tomorrow to pick up his report card and then he is done. It honestly still blows me away to think in just a few short months he will be starting Grade 2, I know I have been saying it a lot lately but I really need time to slow down just a bit.

The plan for tonight is as follows: (this is what I have started doing now, told you before how I love lists but lately if I don't have a list to scratch off task by task than I am a goner, nothing will get done)
*Blog (yeah look at this,one off the list!!!)
*Twitter (not as active on that as I should be)
*Load the new card and bookmark I completed into my Etsy shop ( I will have pictures tomorrow)
*Look into finishing a layout for the boys
*Start a new Disney pre-made layout for the shop.
*Some house cleaning (I don't need to go into details here, lol)

So I know I have already completed one off the list, how many more will I get done I wonder.

On a different note I would love your thoughts and prayers, my family has just found out that yet another person has been hit with Cancer. My Aunt Peggy who just finished surgery for breast cancer was just diagnosed this past Friday with bone cancer. I have been around enough cancer in my lifetime to know that this isn't something you recover from. My only hope is that she is comfortable and can enjoy her last days as best she can. It was less than a year ago that we went to New York together and now she has but weeks to live, life moves quick!!
Honestly everyone the most important thing you can do in this life is to truly understand just how short it really is and to enjoy the people in your life to the fullest!!!!

Anyway on that note I am going to sign off the computer and go play a game with the boys!


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