Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ok so where have I been?????

Sorry for taking so long between posts but I can honestly say more has happened in the last few days than has happened for my family in months (maybe years).

The sale of the house is finalized, YIPPEE, YAHOO, HOORAY. I am just a little excited!!!!

I accepted a new position as an inventory planner (this is to lead to a management job once my 3 month probation is up). I start immediately following my return from Vegas. It has been quite a while since I have worked out of the home, I am excited for sure but also a little hesitant. Getting back in the swing of things could be a challenge for sure. I haven't started a new job since 2000, so this could be fun.

Finally we found our new house. We will be moving into it probably around March 15th. We don't have to be out of our house until the 27th so we are most likely going to move in stages. The kids don't know yet that we have found the house but once we tell them that their is a built in playset in the backyard, a large playroom, and their very own rooms I am sure they will be just as excited as I am.

Here is a picture of the front of the house.
I have also given notice to the family I do daycare for, I feel really bad that I had to do this, the kids really enjoyed having them here but there comes a time for change and I guess this is now the time.

So I am on my way to Vegas this weekend, I am sure I will post before then but honestly between starting the new job, packing and moving, and getting Rory organized to be the SAHD, life will probably be just a little crazy for a while.


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