Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great weekend, productive and more

What a great weekend we had.

We started off with Trevor going to buddy bowling with Braiden, it was uncontrolled choas (sp?) but still fun to watch them.

After bowling Ror, Brendan, Trevor and I went to a local apple farm where we spent the afternoon not only picking apples but the kids were able to ride ponies (Brendans first time), play on a bouncing pillow, slides, and more. It was a great day.

Sunday we had an open house, not a big fan of these as I don't believe they will sell your house, but it doesn't hurt I guess.

Packed up the kids after hours of cleaning, ( I honestly don't know how the house gets so dirty so fast, lol), grabbed some take out KFC and had a picnic in the park. Played at the playground for an hour or so and then drove around looking at different neighbourhoods we may like.

So after dinner it was t.v. night for sure. Amazing Race, Cold Case, and Brothers and Sisters. My three favorite shows on one after the other. Doesn't allow me much time to get anything done but I was able to get the following layout done and I listed it today.

Title BOO


It is a fun halloween layout with 4 tear bears dressed in different costumes on their way to the haunted house.
This will probably be my last halloween layout for the season except for my boys books.

So it is off to bowling tonight, I have finished the stew for dinner, and I see more scrapping in my future tonight.


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