Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wonderful Birthday weekend!

I had such a great weekend!!! It was my birthday on Saturday and I had one special request, a night of fireworks and a great steak dinner.

We spent the first part of the day car shopping, I was getting such a kick out of the fact that the one year I say no presents my dh decides to buy me a car, lol. Just kidding, our vehicle has been acting up lately so we thought it might be a great time to look for a new one.

The Ford Edge was the car of choice this day, awesome vehicle but just a little pricey for us. We have not had a car payment for some time so the thought of a payment freaks me out. Anyway more on this in a little bit.

Back to Saturday....after the car shopping we took off for Granville Island. A great tourist stop but honestly not a place we visit often. Traffic was a mess so we didn't have a lot of time to look around before we stopped for dinner. I was craving a steak so we went to the Keg, mmmmmmmmmmm.

Once dinner was over we walked over to Vanier park to take in the Celebration of Light...this is a fireworks competition held each year in Vancouver where different countries put on a fireworks display to music. China and Spain had already competed. 30 minutes of spectacular fireworks off a barge in English Bay, honestly it doesn't get much better. We saw a wonderful sunset, ate kettle corn (not sure how we could after dinner) and watched dancing colors in the sky.

Such a wonderful birthday!

Back to the car, we changed our minds regarding the edge and put a deposit today down on a 2011 Escape, this will be our third Escape in a row but we know we love this vehicle and with all the bells and whistles we added it should be a great fit for many years to come. We haven't completely decided, just put the deposit down because there are not many of them left and we wanted to be sure to get the color we wanted. Plan is to sleep on it so we'll see tomorrow.


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