Sunday, July 11, 2010

This past week - updates

As you can see lately there has not been a lot of crafting going on. I do have a plan to change that, unfortunately I stick to my plans like I stick to my diets (that's not been so good!!)

On Canada Day even though summer had not yet started (dreary days) we decided to take a picnic to a local beach/park. Purchased a new tabletop bbq and did the hot dog/potatoe salad thing. Walked along the beach, the kids played in the playground, and we played a little bocce ball as well. We ended the day with a trip to Dairy Queen, it was a good day!

Friday night we decided to bbq at home. I started the bbq and went inside to prepare the sides. When I came back out to start the bbq it was up in flames. The whole thing was on fire, it was very scary for sure. Needless to say no bbq that night and a trip to Home Depot was in our future for a new one!!

Saturday, I woke up with no plans. Sat down with my coffee, watching the kids shows with them only to see that their favorite channel was doing a summer party with all their favorite characters at our local amusement park. Thinking it would be fun for them to see these characters and ride a few rides off we went. My sister joined us as well because some rides I wouldn't be able to take both boys on. The summer party was a complete bust but the boys (and I) did have a blast on all the rides. To see Trevor on his first adult rollercoaster was quite the trip!!

Brendans 5th birthday was on Wednesday. We had a birthday party with Rory's side of the family yesterday but on Wednesday we did have a bbq (oh yeah, picked up the new bbq this past Sunday), the cutest cupcake cake and presents with my Mom and sister. He was so cute all day asking questions like "when are my guests going to start to arrive?".

Finally one other way I know summer has started (oh yeah the sun finally decided to peak out and visit) is with my favorite summer escape.....Big Brother started this week, yahoo!! I admit I am a huge Big Brother fan and I love to indulge in this escape 3 times a week.


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