Monday, July 12, 2010

So I did find some time yesterday to do some crafting as it was PJ day at our house. We have been on the go so much lately that a day of not getting out of pj's was definitely needed by all.

I didn't get as much craft time as I would have liked since Brendan was going nuts wanting to open every single gift he received the day before at his party. It was definitely a fun day, not too hot and just plain relaxing, just what a Sunday should be :)

The day before was Brendans party with Rory's side of the family. It was a cowboy theme with Woody (and Buzz, I know, I know he doesn't fit with the cowboy theme but the cake our friend made with them both was so darn cute) from Toy Story. We had a wonderful BBQ which included roast beef, potato salad, and grilled corn, mmmmmm, it was so good, but best of all was that Brendan really enjoyed his day(s). He is however a little confused , we always told him that when he turned 5 he would go to kindergarten, well he's five so it only makes sense that he has asked every night since Wednesday whether he is going to school the next day, I am having a hard time explaining summer holidays to him.

So I was able to get a few scrapbook pages completed yesterday. I would love to show them here but because they are for a customers custom book I don't feel comfortable uploading them here. I have put together some ideas for tonight though for a few cards and maybe some pages of the boys, hope to get those done tonight and uploaded tomorrow.


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Cara said...

Cute cake, happy bday!!