Friday, February 5, 2010

Letter of Intent

Dear Trevor,

I can' t tell you just how proud I have been with you over the past few weeks. I mean I am always proud but it just appears that you are starting to come into yourself and your confidence, desire, and passions seem to be growing.

First I watched you all week try to learn that list of 11 words necessary to get all correct to move on to the next list. I have never seen you be so hard on yourself and at first I was concerned. Now I realize that you were understanding the process and that this was important to you, and although the learning process sometimes ended up with a wrinkled nose and forehead you succeeded first try. 11 out of 11, honestly the pride I saw flash on your face when you told me the results literally melted my heart. Way to go.

The next milestone is another that is melting my heart but for different reasons. You see before you were born I always saw myself the Mom to a son that was so nuts for hockey that I wouldn't be able to contain you. I saw myself at the rink at 5 a.m. and attending hockey camp after hockey camp. You are almost 8 and since many kids start their hockey careers :) at the tender age of 3 I just finally came to terms that Mom would be the hockey freak in the family. I promised myself early on that I would never push my dreams on you, you had to find your own passions and desires but I secretly hoped :)

So when you came up to me on the ice while were were skating together and asked if I would sign you up for skating lessons so you could join a team I was so overjoyed. You were so sweet, saying maybe one day you could play in the NHL?? I have decided to let a few months pass to ensure that this is truly something you want to do, either way whatever proves to be your passion I will always be super proud.

Love Mom!

The following commercial playing in Canada goes with the letter above, almost brings me to tears, well done Timmies!!

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the Spocks said...

Congrats Trevor. I hope you enjoy playing hockey. Found your blog through Julie's. Have a great weekend!

Foursons said...

Way to go Trevor! I love when my kids are rewarded for their hard work. It makes them so proud of themselves.

And I must say...good for you for NOT pushing a sport or activity on your kid that they are not interested in playing/doing. Nothing is worse than watching a kid suffer through an activity that they hate but are being forced to participate in.

Thanks for linking up!