Thursday, July 21, 2011

Planning for our first camping trip- assistance please :)

I came home from work a month or so ago and received a very elaborate drawing from my then 5 year old. It depicted an image of a campfire and smores (they were black and I was advised that they were overcooked, lol).

The writing on this picture noted Yo Mom Y don't we go camping? Looking at this picture I realized that we have been on many vacations to places that many young kids don't go, now this has always been my plan I want to experience the world with my kids, but we have never taken a camping trip. I grew up camping on an almost weekly basis so this blew me away that we had not yet done this.
So here I am now trying to figure out what is needed to put this trip together and make this an awesome time.

I have noted before I am a list person, so the list goes together this weekend, I mean we have nothing camping related, not even a cooler. This is just a weekend trip so the list shouldn't be too long but I really want to be sure that the boys experience all they can of camping. The only reason I can be happy about this awful cold and rainy weather is that I hope we have had enough of it so we don't have a campfire ban when we get away, I mean really why camp if you can't have a campfire ;)

If anybody has any great ideas for menu ideas or tips for making the list a little shorter that would be greatly appreciated.


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