Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Disneyland and rain

This past weekend we (my sister and I) took my Mom to Disneyland for the weekend for her birthday. It was such a great time!! My Mom bought her first set of Mickey ears and wore them the entire day at the park.

Another first....she went on her first what we call grown up ride, Indiana Jones. As kids my Dad always took us on the roller coasters and bigger rides while my Mom sat and waited for us. My Mom is a huge people watcher, not a trait I understand, so she was never bored during these times but I really wanted my Mom to experience such a ride, so at the young age of 57 she took the plunge!, you should have seen her face, totally freaked out the whole time we were waiting to get on the ride, when it was over she says "I have been scared of this my whole life???, why?"...too funny but we still couldn't convince her to try Space Mountain :)

We were going to check out the beaches of SoCal on Sunday but were met with rain. We still made the trip to Santa Monica and Venice Beach (not my cup of tea) but didn't spend much time because with the rain it didn't have the same appeal. We then headed off to Beverly Hills to check out the homes, WOW.

Anyway we had such a great time and I would love to do it again! Soon :)


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