Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick card challenge

Well the weekend has come to an end and unfortunately I cannot say anything we had planned to do was completed but we were busy.

Yesterday we viewed a couple houses as we are now in search of our next home. It is a struggle because in the area we live there are not many new houses that come with any land and those houses that have some land (when I say land I don't mean acreage, just a backyard where the kids can kick a ball) need so much work, of course if we were willing to spend 800k+ we could find that but that's not in the cards unless we win the lottery :) Anyway these houses we looked at yesterday were beautiful inside but didn't have even enough space for a patio set so they are out, back to the drawing board.

We had planned to go apple picking as noted in my previous post but the rain changed those plans so we took a trip to Washington state to do some shopping, picked up the kids indoor shoes for school but not much more.
I did complete a challenge card tonight but honestly must get cracking to be ready for the craft fair season.
The challenge was for Crazy for Challenges and was based on the following color combo.

Here it is:

Happy Monday to all :)

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